Please circle the comment in which you feel was the most appropriate to the service I provided to you. Please provide any additional comment if you so desire.

How would you describe your initial contact with me?
Did not meet expectations / Met expectations / Exceeded expectations

Comment: Greg was very responsive, even through email which was our initial contact with me. He made the extra effort and came to visit us in Brisbane.

Did our initial meeting provide you with sufficient information about the wedding ceremony?
Did not meet expectations / Met expectations / Exceeded expectations

Comment: We were both in the dark about types of ceremonies and legal requirements and Greg provided a thorough explanation of everything that is involved. Every little detail was considered, things that we hadn’t even think of (e.g. outfits, organisation on the day, speaker system, music, etc.) were all explained and consulted with us.

Was the wedding ceremony procedures explained to you satisfactorily?
Did not meet expectations / Met expectations / Exceeded expectations

Comment: Greg made sure we had periodic contact with him about the procedures and even explained over the phone the night before the order of the ceremony and what we had to do/say, etc. We couldn’t have a rehearsal due to COVID-19 but it was not needed as everything was explained over the phone and/or emails.

Was the wedding ceremony up to your expectations?
Did not meet expectations / Met expectations / Exceeded expectations

Comment: We didn’t want to have a long or boring ceremony and Greg made sure we didn’t. The ceremony was both emotional (when it had to be) and fun at the same time and we couldn’t have asked for more. It was a plus that we could stream it through Zoom and include friends & family from overseas.

Did I meet your expectations with your wedding ceremony?
Did not meet expectations / Met expectations / Exceeded expectations

Comment: Definitely! We had a great time, it was lovely and fun and everyone commented on how beautiful and relaxed it was. Extra points for including Gabi’s family from overseas in the ceremony and making them feeling welcomed by saying phrases in Spanish. That was the extra mile, thank you.

Please rate my overall performance before, during and after the wedding ceremony?
Did not meet expectations / Met expectations / Exceeded expectations

Comment: Greg contacted us after the ceremony and informed us about the ‘next steps’ (e.g. registering the marriage within the BDM registry) .

Do you have any additional comments?
We highly recommend using Greg’s services, we had a great experience. He was very professional, approachable and communication with him was always great. He was very responsive to our emails, texts, calls, etc. which put us at ease. After having to postpone our wedding due to COVID-19 he sent us a beautiful message on our original date, which was very appreciated in that not so happy time for us. When we told him about the new plans (months later), he went above and beyond to make sure we had a special wedding day. Our ceremony was beautiful, but at the same time fun, we had a couple of laughs through it which we and our guests loved. A plus was having friends & family from overseas through Zoom, and Greg having the amazing idea to ask the father of bride to give her away through zoom. We are really grateful to Greg for always making an extra effort to make our wedding the most special day.
Thank you Greg!

Do I have your permission to add any additional comments you make to my website?
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What others are saying about Greg...

"Everything was explained thoroughly, and Greg always ensured all our questions were answered and all processes were covered. We were never left in the dark and he always caught up with us to ensure everything was going well beforehand. Thank you for making our special day happen! Incredible celebrant who not only did our girls’ Naming Day perfectly, but also made our Disney Fairy-tale (surprise) wedding amazing! – Thank you for also joining the fun and dressing up! Made the entire process easy for us.
Thank you for such special ceremonies but also thank you for being such a special person (both professionally and personally)!"

Tegan and Tamara Evans
"In my relationship with the Greg I have seen clearly his commitment to the institution of marriage in society. Not only is this evident in what I witness in his own marriage relationship, but but this is also demonstrated in the way he exercises his personal and professional life.
For the past eight years as a Chaplain, I have worked with Greg and he has at all times demonstrated that he is a person of integrity and who lives and works under the highest of ethical standards."
Reverend Graham Olsen
"I am firmly of the view that Gregory Peters is committed to the institution of marriage in society. He is a decent man of high morals and values. He believes in partners having a genuine and lasting commitment to each other based on respect for each other and for their wider family.

Greg has gained much life experience due to factors in his private life, but as important, by guiding others he has come across in his professional life who have suffered immensely and who have benefited from his wise counsel and compassion. He values his solid and committed marriage to his life partner and wishes others to find the same love, respect and happiness in their union.
Greg is calm and respectful, he has a wonderful sense of humour and is personable, he is a great conversationalist and knowledgeable in current affairs and issues. I believe Greg would be excellent as a marriage celebrant and he is excited in the prospect that it may soon be a reality."
Jeff Philippi
"Greg is committed to marriage as an institution in society. Through his work with over 40 years experience he knows and understand the meaning of commitment. He always made himself available to his staff and I believe that his commitment as a Marriage Celebrant will be no different. Greg will continue to be a valuable member of the community as a Marriage Celebrant. Greg’s personal integrity is beyond reproach."
Le Alchin
" Thank you so much for yesterday, we really appreciated how you made it all about Chris and his farewell was one he would have been pleased to have.
Thanks for your professionalism.
Kind Regards
Michelle & Dan


" Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts Greg, you did an absolutely awesome service! "


" Thank you Greg for the outstanding job you did for us you really made our wedding day a simple no nonsense and entertaining day we can’t speak highly if anyone is considering getting married or remarried Greg is your man he takes so much stress away and really enjoys helping make your day special Great work Greg hope to stay in touch mate. "
Phil and Vicki


"Did it for us too. Awesome Celebrant this man. Goes far beyond mediocrity with his passion for his work. "
Arie and Sam Wedding


"Hi Greg, Thank you so much! You did an amazing job! Our guests loved the ceremony and everything you said was perfect! The day could not have gone any better!
Cheers Ilina and Dave


"Hi Greg, On behalf of my family, thank you for your supportive contribution to the celebration of mum's life yesterday. Kind regards and stay safe"
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